Drop it brings with every drop more color and flavor in your drink!

Drop it is an innovative add-on product for the beverage world and enables customers the first time unimagined possibilities to create their drinks uncomplicated itself.
A new type of small single-use-package in a droplet shape, filled with 21 purpose-built, high-quality and exotic flavor creations from Austria makes it possible. A Drop it is best suited for a drink (0,2-0,5L) and converts it by numerous of color options and flavors in an entirely new drink. The application is as simple as the idea behind it: Tear open a Drop it, pour it in a drink of your choice, watch until the flavor is mixed with the drink by itself and enjoy your new created colorful drink!
So you can turn your beer for example within seconds in an exciting green beer with woodruff taste, your champagne with Drop it Blue Curacao into a blue eyecatcher or simply your soda with the Stawberry-Drop in a refreshing-red drink without calories. The combination possibilities are numerous and include beer, wine, soda, cocktails and champagne.

The 21 Styrian syrup creations are especially suitable for all drinks which are already in jars and contain carbonation, so that a fascinating mix process makes an additional experience without the hassle stirring. Playing with colors, flavors and this fascinating mix experience guarantees the customer and the restaurant a number of new and creative combinations in the beverage industry.
Whether at themed parties, the St. Patric’s Day, birthday parties, festivals, sports events or the common pub visit, …
… “confess color and flavor with Drop it and make your drink to something special!”
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Drop it stands for the enjoyment of unusual, exotic syrup creations for various drinks, bottled in a specially designed small packaging solution. As exclusive partner of Grapos we guarantee in addition to the high quality of our products also for the exclusive coming from Austria / Styria. Thus we sat down consciously towards a sustainable economy in the region and a close-knit cooperation with our partners.
As a responsible company we are evaluating our CO2 footprint together with the Technical University of Graz  to make our processes more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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